Drive Aid

Many are times people ask; “What is Drive Aid?” or even; “is your organization helping drivers?” as funny as that may sound to most people who know Drive Aid it is logical to ask.
Drive Aid does not drive in the sense of Cars, but hearts and purposed; let me put it a bit simple; everyone has a “Drive” things that makes them “move” or “Tickle” others may say “a contact point”, our purpose with Drive Aid is to aid this drive either that of the rural poor, the volunteer or the donor, we believe you have something special about your that can help the world move, that can change the life of someone, that can put joy in the heart of another, that can save a dying child and turn a blur future into a brighter one.
I hope my drive to tell you the purpose of drive aid have been met?
Join Us at Drive Aid, to turn your drive into action