Ghana 2012; Do Smallthings with Great Love

Funded by HKU 100 Service Fund, Ghana 2012: Do small things with GREAT Love is a service project initiated by a group of HKU students who share a common passion of serving in Africa. This summer we will travel to Damongo, Ghana where we will be working closely with Drive Aid Ghana,a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to the reduction of poverty in Damongo.

Our campaign also includes an exhibition, sharing sessions and charity sale in October so as to raise local students’ awareness on poverty issue.

With a focus on the sustainability of our service project, we aim at empowering our service targets with practical lifelong skills.

Our focused areas in Ghana are as follows:

a) Promote health-care and disease prevention in the orphanage
b) Promote the planting of Moringa, which can effectively improve malnutrition and self-sufficiency in Damongo
c) Transfer practical skills and knowledge to the orphans
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