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Drive Aid Ghana is a registered Non Profit Organization (Reg. No. G34, 700) with the prime mission of; Empowering rural poor communities through agriculture, ICT, Health, Education and environmental promotion/provision

I.Empower rural poor communities through agriculture setups, especially the establishment of Moringa plantations, Jetropha, animal farms etc., as well as develop environmental friendly methods in production, processing and marketing of these products in rural poor areas for poverty elevation.

II.Empowering vulnerable groups (e.g. Widows, orphans, peasant farmers) to increase their health and socio-economic status through the provision of educational/literacy support, job-opportunities and health promotion/provision.

Projects and Updates
Drive Aid Ghana is currently engaged in three main projects, through which other projects will be ushered,
Green Gold Project: This section of the project will be facilitated with the help of the chiefs and people of the local community and administered by Drive Aid Ghana, we will educate, advocate and solicit for funding, training and initialization of Moringa plantations and other agricultural products in target communities, we also will produce and market the Moringa plant to the local and international markets. This would provide food, job opportunities and a source of employment to the families of the target community.

Cletek Computer School And Services; this project would focus on training local volunteers to be trainer-of-trainees in ICT and knowledge sharing as well as provide basic ICT services to target communities, among our training course would be;
  • Windows and file management
  • Desktop publishing & correspondence
  • Email & communication
  • Research and data collection
  • Basic computer Management & Maintenance Etc.
•Health Promotion and Advocacy project; This section would be handled mainly by Femke Akkermans who would provide her service as a medical doctor in the West Gonja District; the project would help solicit funding and support to promote health activities within the region. The project would also empower women in healthy child care and feeding practice as well as Malaria control and eradication.

Help Realize Dreams
You are welcome to join us or support any of these projects. You will get up-to-date information on how your help is being used monthly and the opportunity to meet the people you are helping,

Every gift counts,

You can support in;
  • Donating to any of the project(s) of your choice
  • Volunteer in any of our local/target community/farm/school
  • Share your service in our health project
  • Share your Ideas, comments, contribution and questions with us:
Together we would build a strong team to empower the rural poor for poverty reduction