Thanks for coming to our site once again, for most of you who have been following our updates and progress, you notice that we redirect you to our main home page http://www.driveaidghana.org but we do still maintain this site as our main source of instant updates and information on upcoming events,- most of our feeds are burnt from here. so don't fail to visit here once in a while.
This year began with us streamlining our events and plans, we so grateful to the  Lord and to you our friends and family who have been following our updates and supporting as in every way possible.

You will of-course notice the great progress we are making especially if you do follow us on facebook and or on Twitter .
Jeanine at RCH, Damongo
As we grow we are redefining our purpose to cover more and more people as well as get more people involved.
The good new is that we now have our USA Coordinator : Jeanine, who would handle all problems based in USA. reach her on matters related to Drive Aid at: usa@driveaidghana.org
As you already notice we are now not only focusing on Empowerment and Sustainability but also on volunteer service as well as the addition of Artemisia into our projects.

On the progressive note of activities;
Drive Aid is now active in the management of Redemption Children's Home an orphanage founded by Rev. Abraham L. Saaka in 2004, this home now provide a family and hope to over 50 children, our volunteers help in serving and supporting this children, you too can be a part of it! contact  us for more details.
The Moringa Farm
The farm projects has also made tremendous changes and growth.
New Followers shooting up on moringa trees! new leave growing at the time we need it most to feed families and out animals.

There have also been new developments in our animal farms, 14 rabbits, 40 new chicks and still increasing, i just saw 20 new chicks hutch today!
We are also building a local incubator that will hutch 400 eggs in 21 days! 

This when completed would help us supply new chicks to farmers as well as grow them to lay eggs and to provide meat to our target groups especially the orphanage.
We are working on expanding or projects to three more near by villages name; Sualepe, Busunu, and Achubunyo

A 12 acre land is already acquired in Busunu awaiting the farming season to start.
We are considering future plans of irrigation to help reduce the dependency on  waiting on the farming season. these off-course require great investment and planing, your support would be greatly welcome
Expanding our rabbit houses 

Our Rabbits!

For those who have been following you would remember that somewhere mid this year we started a partnership with Anamed international and become part of their network, this has lead to incorporating Artemisia which is a good and potential plant in helping rural poor people deal with malaria. it helps and works in most resistant cases, I personally have witness its effects
We started a pilot garden in Damongo, which has made great progress, we now have families and people calling in to get leaves for the treatment of malaria! the next stage of -course is to teach them how to grow it

Calling in for Artemisia leaves

Artemisia from our garden

Harvesting Artemisia

Building more rabbit Houses
Volunteers are also welcome to join our partner organizations, in providing health care, education and empowerment, for people who love to teach New Life School would be heaven!
  Cletek Service a computer service and training center, which also works together with Drive Aid through the donation of the Gonja Development Foundation (GDF) set up a computer lab for the new life school, i wish you were there to see the faces! as children for the first time touch a mouse!

Help us in providing such opportunities to hundreds of schools like now life in the region.

The last but not least is our new "Charity Village Project" this is going to be a village built by volunteers and managed by them, volunteers or visitors who come in to sleep will be required to pay a fee of which part would be used to manage and expand the village, the other part would be invested into areas they see fit within the community (orphanage, school, clinic etc). the buildings would be done in the local style : thatch houses - round shapes with grass roofing, it would be a community and a home for all volunteers, educative programs to the community may be held here as well as activities, please note- this does not rural out our family host programs.
if you are intrested in volunteering or supporting, reach us at: driveaidghana@gmail.com
Thanks for reading through and we hope to hear from you soon!