STEP CLASS; steps to education

Education in the Northern part of Ghana, is still a big gap that tells the poverty rate of the region, up here education is a matter of the "rich", people in rural poor areas struggle even to provide a three-square meal for their families and so going to school is a matter of sacrifice, even with the government system of free education, books and other study materials still remain a problem that most parents and guardians cannot afford.

Our Focus:
As people begin to learn and value the essence of education, there comes a dying thirst for educating their children and themselves. But for most people who have never tasted formal education starting from the 'scratch" is always a problem, since they are either too old to sit among children to learn basic alphabets or too loaded with family responsibilities that would not permit such noble sacrifice.
Drive Aid Ghana as an organization that seeks to help reduce poverty through moringa also understands the dying need to educate even as we find ways to provide food and shelter for the rural poor.
The STEP project is to help adults and children with problems 'catching up' in class have another chance to learn, share, play and above all practice basic reading skills,
The corresponding benefits of knowing how to read is left open for you to figure out.
Please join us make a difference...

providing education for the young and young-heart

Step class in damongo CCS&S center

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Step class

step class in progress

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DAG- CEO sharing learning materials

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